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Arancione Dahlia

Artisan floriculture

km0 and respecting our environment

The Friulian Slow Flowers

We produce high quality flowers and plants following the rhythm of Nature
We are committed to promoting quality and environmentally friendly agriculture, through sustainable practices and dedicating the right attention

to every single plant

Dal nostro negozio...

Mazzo di Dalie

Young artisanal plants
without environmental impact

We offer flower-farmers young plants produced in a sustainable way and with attention to the environment, in line with the principles of the Slow Flowers movement.

Our young Dahlia plants are the highest quality product available on the market, the basis for a healthy and excellent performing plant.

The cuttings are taken from our mother bulbs in their first year and are available in the 6 hole format or in the semi-ready 10.5 cm pot.

With our cultivation methods, the result of in-depth study of the methods adopted in England and the United States, and through the use of integrated pest management, we obtain excellent quality results.
The use of natural predators on mother plants and in the rooting process avoids the development of resistance to pesticides and helps the environment to stay healthy!

Mazzo di Dalie
Mazzo di peonie
Petunia proven winners vista bubblegum

Young Plants

With care and love, we sustainably produce young plants for the production of cut flowers: Dahlias, Zinnias, Chrysanthemums and

Km0 cut flowers

Thanks to the plants of our production, we have a wide assortment of always fresh and km0 flowers, grown with natural and environmentally friendly methods

Potted plants

We produce annual and perennial flowering plants, always with the sustainable methods that characterize us

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